Innovative Solutions

Quality Risk Management Associates helps organizations to proactively identify, manage and mitigate risks to prevent and resolve compliance problems and to develop efficient and effective strategies. The benefits of our innovative solutions include early detection of risks, providing a broader reach than traditional quality assurance and quality control methods can obtain and performing deeper insights with regards to quality risks and compliance within an organization.

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Early Detection

Allows the ability to correct issues in a more timely fashion, avoids large costs by addressing risks and compliance concerns proactively-rather than reactively- which minimizes risk across the board ensuring business continuity.

Broader Reach

A more comprehensive risk landscape, issue detection and effective risk mitigation system in a continuous fashion, risks that are quantifiable through established risk based methodologies (Six Sigma) and focused allocation of resources to the areas of highest risk and immediate need.

Deeper Insights

Leads to a more defined approach and detection of systematic issues, providing continuous and meaningful trend and pattern analysis reports, and prioritization of risks. Foster an environment of continuous process improvement and knowledge sharing in the firm leading to risk-based approaches to pharmaceutical development and clinical trial management.